Bruun at Yellow Barn

My friend, Seth Knopp, Artistic Director of Yellow Barn, invited me to be resident visual artist during Yellow Barn’s 2016 summer season. My task: embed myself in the Yellow Barn community, take in the warmth of collaborative musicianship amongst the several dozen faculty and participants, and reflect on my experience with art and words.

This blog site is my way of sharing. Aimed particularly at the Yellow Barn community as audience, it is also available to whomever wishes to engage with it. Sketches derived from sitting in rehearsals, listening to world-class performers as they wrestle with interpreting (and communicating) the music they are to perform, make up the heart of this site.

In words accompanying each image, I muse on a variety of things, hoping to engage my blog audience as if we are in easy conversation. Such congenial creative exchange, in my belief, is the soul of Yellow Barn, and I hope to convey some of that spirit on this site.

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Peter Bruun, July 13, 2016