Felix Mendelssohn and cast of 1,000s


I was a few minutes late for the rehearsal, and wasn’t even sure what I had elected to walk into (I just knew there was a rehearsal in Big Barn, which is generally a safe place to go to be no more than a fly on the wall).

So when I entered, it was a bit of a shock to see nearly half the Yellow Barn musicians (or so it seemed) on stage, working in unison on beautiful music, baritone William Sharp holding center.

As I sat, and sketched, and felt overwhelmed by the numbers playing before me, simplicity and the following phrase came to the rescue:

A bending yellow voice, buoyed with the sea of a thousand strings, creating a third.

That’s what I try to draw.

(And the strings, performing a piece with the mouthful of a title of Was bedeutet die Bewegung (2012), arr. for baritone and string orchestra with linking interludes by Torsten Rasch: Aya Kiyonaga, Emily Kruspe, Violaine Melançon, Kayla Moffett, Zenas Hsu, Jennifer Liu, Adelya Nartadjieva, Jueyoung Yang, violins; Maria Lambros, Jesse Morrison, Dian Zhang, violas; Natasha Brofsky, Julia Yang, cellos; Lizzie Burns, double bass.)


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