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Try to pay no mind to the divergent paper tones in the above two photographs: they are the same piece of paper, the discrepancy a product of my poor photography skills referenced in my last blog entry.

The point in showing these two versions of the same drawing: when living with a drawing, constantly revisiting seeing it, the drawing sometimes gnaws begging to be revised.

I thought I had finished it back when I posted the blog entry for its original version (on the right), but last night, I just couldn’t stand it anymore: I had to change it to what you see on the left.

Is the new version final? I don’t know. All I know is the change relieved me of a growing anxiety each time I looked at it.

A good sign something wants a change: it feels like being in the room with someone you just sense wants to say something… but is not speaking. To make the change is to turn, to give full attention, and say, “yes?”

Then get an answer.


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